Monday, April 5, 2010

Rollover Crash Injures 4 People: Is the Driver Responsible for the Car Accident?

In late March, a vehicle traveling on Interstate 70 in Frederick County, Maryland lost control and rolled over several times. In the vehicle were four people. All the individuals in the vehicle were transported to a local hospital for observations. Although the cause of the accident is unclear, the Maryland State Police noted that there was a steady rain falling at the time of the accident which could have attributed to the cause of the accident.

All automobile drivers need to be cautious when driving in adverse weather conditions to avoid automobile accidents. Failure to do so could be deadly or lead to serious bodily injuries. Remember that in heavy rain, a driver still maintains an obligation to drive his car at a reasonable and prudent speed with is consistent with the current weather conditions. In other words, if a driver is traveling at the posted speed limit, he or she can still be found negligent of exceeding a safe speed if the weather conditions are hazardous.

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