Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recent Case Result January 2017

Earlier this month, our litigation team earned a big win against Allstate for an accident case in Montgomery County, Maryland. Our client was driving straight in the right lane and the defendant was driving in the left lane. The defendant quickly decided to speed up and make a right turn in front of our client’s vehicle, causing a collision. Our client suffered significant injuries and missed several weeks of work as a result of the accident. Allstate made a single offer of $10,000.00 in the case, but refused to negotiate. We filed suit and the court awarded our client nearly $30,000.00. Our client was extremely happy with this result.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Can I Expect if My Accident Case Does Not Settle and We Go to Court?

Although about 95% of all auto accident cases settle before litigation arises, sometimes court is necessary in order to obtain the compensation the client is entitled. There are many different reasons why a car accident case does not settle, including a liability dispute, minimal property damage, and factual disputes. When an insurance company refuses to make a settlement offer or makes a low settlement offer, a lawsuit is necessary in order to get compensation for the client. In many cases where suit is filed, a settlement is still achieved because insurance adjusters will then make a settlement offer in order to avoid litigation. These last minute offers of settlement can be made as late as the morning of trial. Sometimes, however, an insurance adjuster will hold firm and a trial is unavoidable.

If your case is one of those that does not settle and does go to trial, you have nothing to worry about. The process is not as scary as it sounds because our experienced team of attorneys will adequately prepare you well in advance of trial. Your attorney will go over how the process will work depending on which court your case will be heard. Your attorney will also run through the facts of the case with you and will discuss with you weaknesses in your case (if any). When your trial date arrives, you will feel completely prepared and will know exactly what to expect when you step into the courtroom.

If you've been injured in an auto accident in Maryland, make sure you call a law firm with experienced attorneys who are never afraid to go to court to fight for the compensation you deserve. Not all cases settle and you should hire a firm that can handle your case in settlement or in trial. Call Portner & Shure today for a free consultation: (301) 854-9000; (410) 995-1515.

Friday, December 16, 2016

What Clients Are Saying December 2016

So happy to have found this firm. They helped me with all my needs in this difficult time. They guided my through the entire process. A special thanks to Amy P. for dealing with me, as I probably called her a hundred times she always had a positive attitude. I would definitely recommend this place to all of my family & friends. Thanks again for your effort”

This case was handled by our Paralegal, Amy Patton, who works out of our Columbia, MD Office.

Employee Spotlight December 2016

We want to congratulate Norma Guevara, a paralegal in our Spanish Department, who was just married. She has been with Portner & Shure for 9 years and we are all so happy for her and her husband. Norma already has two kids and recently adopted a third child. All three of them are happy for their mom and very excited about the marriage. Norma and her husband, Pedro, celebrated their honeymoon on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Congratulations Norma and Pedro!

Litigation News December 2016

On June 24, 2016, our client was involved in a rear-end car accident in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Just this month, Portner & Shure attorney, Kevin Ruby, and our litigation department helped settle this case prior to trial. Initially, Geico denied liability as they typically do in a low-impact rear-end accident. We filed suit to argue this matter in court. With trial just a few weeks away, Geico made an offer to settle the case. After negotiations, a settlement was reached for $7,850.00. Our client was very happy with this result. 

Words to NEVER say to a Liability Carrier

Our first advice is to never talk to a liability carrier, but if you do, here are some things to never say:
1.      Sorry—implies fault
2.      I’m fine—many injuries take time to show up. Oftentimes you feel far worse the next day
3.      Sure, record me—carriers love to obtain recorded statements.  A person making a claim lying or admitting to something will weaken their claim
4.      Whiplash—insurance industry experts say that this throws up red flags that you are exaggerating the severity of the accident  

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, talk to an attorney first. Everything you say to the insurance carrier can be used against you in your case and it can significantly limit any possible recovery. Call Portner & Shure today for a free consultation: (301) 854-9000; (410) 995-1515.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is there a Magic Formula for Determining Settlement in a Car Accident Case?

·         We wish; But there is not. If so, all of our negotiations with the carrier would be easy, fun, and cordial, like simply dialing for dollars
·         Instead, negotiations with the carriers often first seem like a chess match. Then, if not resolved, a war.
·         Medical bills, lost wages, the types of injuries suffered, permanency, and property damage all play a role in determining the case value
·         Pain and suffering, if argued effectively, will drastically increase the case value
·         Your attorney’s reputation will impact the settlement value. Don’t choose a lawyer that does not litigate because the insurance carrier will know that and will take that into consideration when evaluating a case for settlement and during negotiations.

·         Call Portner & Shure today for a free consultation if you’ve been injured in a car accident, (301) 854-9000, (410) 995-1515.