Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Employee Spotlight December 2017

Join us in welcoming Melinda (Mel) Moss to our Frederick office.  Mel has been a Paralegal since 1992, with a strong and diverse legal background, with expertise in personal injury; medical malpractice; business law; employment and labor relations; as well as commercial litigation.  Mel recently relocated to her hometown of Frederick from Albany, New York, where she worked as a litigation paralegal for Conway & Kirby, PLLC, a major medical malpractice and personal injury firm. Outside of work, Melinda owns and operates MSquared Kennels where she breeds, trains and competes Australian Shepherd dogs in Agility and Obedience, as well as riding and re-training Retired Thoroughbred racehorses.

Recent Case Results December 2017

On July 6th, our client was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended by a Taxi. The impact was so great it left her with excruciating pain to her neck, back, and chest. Once our client was through with treatment, we submitted her demand to the liable party’s insurance company as we always do. However, after several months of haggling with the insurance company and no offers yet on the table, our litigation team decided to put this case into suit. After the case was tried, we went from having no offers, to having a court award of $17,230.00 plus costs. Although it was a long process, our client was very pleased she had Portner & Shure to be her advocate. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Inclement Weather Leads to More Car Accidents

As temperatures continue to drop, you need to keep in mind road and weather conditions while driving. Importantly, you must be aware of other drivers on the road, and alter your driving habits based on the conditions

We have all seen the drivers who turn on their hazards and practically crawl down the right lane during inclement weather. Contrarily, we have also all seen the driver who speeds and weaves in and out of traffic. Both of which are a major hazard.

Adverse weather contributes to 28% of all accidents and 20% of accident fatalities. The law states you have a duty to operate your vehicle differently based on the conditions. If the weather is bad, go slower, and keep a greater distance between you and other vehicles.

We at Portner & Shure wish you and your family a safe and warm Holiday Season.