Monday, December 18, 2017

Inclement Weather Leads to More Car Accidents

As temperatures continue to drop, you need to keep in mind road and weather conditions while driving. Importantly, you must be aware of other drivers on the road, and alter your driving habits based on the conditions

We have all seen the drivers who turn on their hazards and practically crawl down the right lane during inclement weather. Contrarily, we have also all seen the driver who speeds and weaves in and out of traffic. Both of which are a major hazard.

Adverse weather contributes to 28% of all accidents and 20% of accident fatalities. The law states you have a duty to operate your vehicle differently based on the conditions. If the weather is bad, go slower, and keep a greater distance between you and other vehicles.

We at Portner & Shure wish you and your family a safe and warm Holiday Season.  

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