Monday, November 26, 2018

What Clients are Saying November 2018

My case was handled by Attorney Jonathan Portner and his staff, Grace. They provided personal attention and prompt responses throughout the whole process. They were professional and knowledgeable. I was pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend the attorneys of Portner and Shure, and Grace.

This case was handled our Paralegal, Mrs. Grace Chung, out of our Columbia, MD office.

Litigation News November 2018

In October of last year one of our clients was involved in a rear end accident while yielding for an oncoming vehicle. The person behind him failed to pay proper time and attention to the ahead traffic conditions, leaving him with a sore neck and back. Although the property damage to his vehicle was not extensive, he still sustained injuries as people often do after their bodies have been unexpectedly jolted. Although the liable insurance carrier accepted responsibility for the accident and was willing to pay for the damage done to his vehicle, they were not willing to accept liability for the injuries sustained. Therefore, once our client was through with treatment, his case was transferred to our litigation department and he was prepped for court. After our attorney, Ms. Theresa Teixeira, presented the case to Prince George’s County District Court, she received a verdict of nearly $12,000.00 plus court costs. Our client was very pleased with his final result and was thankful he had Portner & Shure as an advocate.

Recent Case Results November 2018

In early March of this year, one of our clients was involved in a very serious accident involving another vehicle and a snowplow. She sustained intensive injuries, but luckily she was alive. Due to the severity of her injuries, she received consecutive medical treatment for almost four months and accrued about $45k in medical expenses. Once she was feeling well enough again, and her doctors agreed she was okay to be cleared from treatment, it was time to have her case evaluated for settlement. Our Sr. Claims Paralegal, Mrs. Christine Airey, was able to obtain policy limits of $100k for our client’s recovery. Although this accident was the scariest experience of her life, our client was happy she had Portner & Shure to guide her through it.

Have a Safe Holiday Season

The beginning of our holiday season has officially started, bringing together family and friends to celebrate. Statistically, Thanksgiving holds the highest traffic rates, and DUI arrests are the highest through Thanksgiving weekend to the end of New Year’s weekend. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns no other holiday leads to more fatal accidents than Thanksgiving week. Be smart and stay safe this holiday season. If you’re going to be traveling, keep a fair distance between you and the vehicle ahead, try to keep away from distracted or aggressive drivers, and never attempt to drive after you’ve been drinking. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, or have been charged with a DUI this winter, call the top rated attorneys of Portner & Shure.