Monday, January 17, 2011

Spanish Speaking Criminal Defendants or Accident Victims in Maryland

Spanish speaking criminal defendants and accident victims should be aware that different rules seem to apply to them while they are in the legal system in many jurisdictions throughout Maryland. In counties like Howard County, Montgomery County and Prince George's County, in our experience, there is no difference in outcome because you speak Spanish in an accident case or a drunk driving case. However, if you go to some courthouses on the Eastern Shore and expect accident compensation, or a fair sentence, in our experience Spanish speaking clients results will vary, will be inconsistent, and may receive less money and a greater sentence.

As a result, we urge our Spanish speaking criminal clients to not accept plea deals in certain counties. Our results in certain criminal cases, in these counties with Spanish speaking defendants, are considerably better at sentencing, even when we have tried cases and lost, then when we have defendants plea guilty.

In accident cases a good Spanish interpreter, who has a nice presence seems to also make a difference. It is obvious that since the damages are being expressed through a Spanish interpreter, the way in which the interpreter appears and expresses herself makes a difference. Our firm is very familiar with certain court certified Spanish speaking interpreters who make a great presentation and help obtain excellent results for our Spanish speaking automobile accident clients throughout Maryland.



If you or a family member speaks Spanish and has been injured or killed in an automobile accident, truck, bus or motorcycle accident or have been charged with a crime and would like a free legal consultation or if you would like more information on car accidents and criminal defense, please feel free to contact our office or visit us on the web at