Friday, October 26, 2018

Litigation News October 2018

In March of this year one of our clients was involved in a Baltimore rear-end accident. Although there was not significant damage to the vehicles, our client still experienced a decent jolt. Human bodies are not meant to withhold the same impact as a vehicle. The other party’s insurance company did accept liability, however they only accepted liability for the vehicle damage; not our clients injury. After she was finished with the treatment her doctor recommended, it was time to put her demand in for settlement. However, because her bodily injury claim was denied, Geico wasn’t willing to make an offer. Our attorney, Mr. Simran Rahi, took the case to Baltimore City’s District court and obtained a verdict of $12,423.10 plus court costs. At first our client was afraid she wouldn’t receive any compensation after the accident, now she’s grateful she chose Portner & Shure for her accident case.

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