Monday, April 5, 2010

Driver Intentionally Hits Four People With Car

In early March, the driver of a vehicle intentionally hit four people in Chillum, Maryland with his vehicle. Two of the victims sustained injuries after being struck on University Parkway. The Prince George's County Police are unsure of the reason behind this assault but indicated that this appeared to be a domestic matter. Although the driver was taken into custody after the assault, the details of the charges pending against him were not made available.

An intentional tort is defined as "a tort in which the actor is expressly or impliedly judged to have possessed intent or purpose to injure." This situation is a perfect example of an intentional tort. If the driver willingly got behind the wheel of a car and struck a crowd of people in an effort to hurt or injure anyone then his actions can be classified as an intentional tort.

Assuming the automobile insurance carrier covers this intentional act, the injured individuals in this situation could pursue a claim for bodily injuries against the driver of the vehicle.. The drivers' insurance carrier could be responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering or even mental distress. Problems may still occur with the amount of automobile coverage available since at least two people were hurt. In cases were multiple people are injured a Maryland automobile accident attorney must quickly determine all possible personal injury coverages.

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