Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teen Killed in Motorcycle Accident: Wear a Helmet!

Motorcycle drivers are involved in many of the most deadly and serious accidents in the nation. In the state of Maryland a driver of a motorcycle must possess a special class drivers license. In addition, motorcycle drivers are also held to the same standards as any other driver on the road. However, due to the obvious exposure that the motorcycle provides its driver, the risk of injuries while driving is much greater and both state and national accident statistics continue to prove this point. In Maryland all operators of motorcycles are required to wear a helmet and protective eye wear.

Recently a Lexington Park teenager was killed after his motorcycle crashed into a tree in Calvert County, Maryland. The teenager was operating a Yamaha YZ80, which is considered a type of motorcycle based on the Maryland definition. He was driving off road when he approached a hill and lost control of his bike and crashed. The responding police indicated that the teen was ejected from the bike before the bike came to rest on top of him.

Authorities immediately noted that the teen was not wearing any of the regulated safety gear as mandated by the State of Maryland. The teenager was transported to a local hospital where is was pronounced dead later that same night. No one will know if this teenager would have survived if he had been using a helmet. However, national statistics, as well as our injury law firms past accident cases, reveal that the survival rate goes up exponentially for those who wear a helmet.

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