Monday, April 5, 2010

Accident in Carroll County Causes Fatality

In March of 2010, there was a fatal car accident in Westminster, Maryland when two vehicles collided. The driver of a Toyota Camry was traveling on Route 140 in Carroll County when the driver of a pick up truck ran a red light at the intersection of Route 140 and Bethel Road. A passenger in the Toyota was injured and transported to Maryland Shock Trauma while the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Automobile accidents resulting in injuries wherein individuals fail to yield to the right of way are very common. Traffic signals and stop signs are put in place to help direct and control traffic. They however, cannot stop human error. Failure to pay full attention and adhere to these signals will result in citations or worse, a serious even, as in this case, a fatal car accident.

Assuming that the driver of the pick up truck did in fact run a red light he could be found liable for this car collision and be forced for pay for any property damage and bodily injury claim for those who were injured. A wrongful death claim could also be brought against his insurance carrier by the family members of the deceased. In the event that the driver did not have insurance coverage a claim can be made under the drivers Uninsured Motorist Coverage. In all automobile cases resulting in fatality asset searches of the defendant must be conducted. In the event the defendant has sufficient assets, he often should be sued since most automobile accident insurance policies do not provide adequate death benefits. The accident attorneys at Portner & Shure carefully determine all available assets in all cases where the injury value exceeds the policy. If you are unsure of what benefits you are entitled to in a case resulting in a death, call one of our Maryland accident lawyers.

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