Friday, March 19, 2010

Montgomery Car Accident Kills Man and Injures 2 Others

Police are investigating a car accident that occurred, Sunday, March 14, 2010, near the intersection of Route 28 and White's Ferry Road in Boyds.  Michael Stoos of Sandy Spring, died when his vehicle crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic and crashed into a white box truck traveling in the opposite direction. The truck driver and the passenger in his vehicle were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The Montgomery County police are looking for any witnesses to this accident to come forward.  

While the cause of this accident is still being investigated, there could be any number of reasons for the driver to cross over the double yellow line.  If it determined that a medical emergency was the cause of this accident, the truck driver and passenger could be precluded from making a claim against the deceased's policy of insurance.  It is important to consult with an attorney in this type of situation as there is a "sudden emergency defense".  An attorney can help you investigate and determine if there was a true medical emergency and whether the driver could still be held accountable for his actions, in the unlikelihood he had a seizure and was not taking his medication.  This defense falls apart if the driver was on notice that a problem could occur while driving. 

If you, a family member or someone you know has been involved in an accident involving an emergency situation or you need more information on this type of motor vehicle accident, please contact Portner & Shure for a free consultation.

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