Friday, March 5, 2010

Tractor Trailer Driver Loses Control of Vehicle

Operators of commercial vehicles are required by law to carry a license specific to the size of the tractor trailer that is being driven. For example, a "Class A" license is required for operators of a vehicle with a weight in excess of 25,000 pounds. An operator of these larger vehicles has an obligation to use the appropriate standard of care when maneuvering such a vehicle. All drivers must be careful when sharing the road with these vehicles as the shear weight and size could make even the slightest of accidents deadly.

An example of how important it is to have experienced drivers behind the wheel of these large vehicles came in the form of an accident that occurred earlier this week on Interstate 70 in Frederick County, Maryland. A tractor trailer driver lost control of his vehicle when he struck another tractor trailer before crossing the road and striking the guardrail located in the median of the highway. Although no injuries were reported, the accident did cause clean up crews from the Maryland Department of Environment and Frederick County Hazmat units to clean up a fuel leak. This clean up required the lanes of Interstate 70 to be limited to one lane for a period of three hours.

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