Friday, March 5, 2010

Tractor Trailer Accident Due to Inclement Weather: Enough Already!

Recently the focus in Maryland has been directed to the cold weather conditions and the amounts of snow that the region has experienced this winter. However, in the past few weeks the area has been also experiencing severe winds. Naturally weather plays a very important role in our driving conditions.

Last week, a tractor trailer was blown over as the result of such heavy winds causing US Route 15 in Frederick County, Maryland to be shut down for a two-hour period. No major injuries were reported as a result of the overturned trailer.

As with snow and heavy rain, a driver still maintains an obligation to drive at a reasonable and prudent speed with is consistent with the current weather conditions. In other words, if a driver is traveling at the posted speed limit, he or she can still be found negligent of exceeding a safe speed if the weather conditions are hazardous.

This issues was all over the news during the recent snow storms. Jack knifed tractor trailers crashed on Interstate 95 and left traffic snarled for hours. The question we are left with, is when the weather is clearly too dangerous for most cars to drive in, should tractor trailers be allowed on the road? In other words, shoulder there be a certain snow accumulation, or wind speed, used to determine that trucks should then be prohibited from operating. Tax payers and folks stuck for hours behind jack-knifed trailers may benefit more than the truckers who are in a rush to get a delivery done.

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