Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Passenger in An Automobile Accident: Who Pays for Your Damages?

Four vehicle crash kills man on Ordance Road in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. On December 9, 2010, William Gruber was travelling East on Ordance Road in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, when he slammed into the rear of a Monte Carlo causing a multi-vehicle chain reaction. Mr. Gruber's vehicle then spun out of control and across the roadway into the westbound traffic striking another vehicle. Mr. Gruber was pinned in his vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene by county firefighters. Preliminary investigation indicates that Gruber may have been under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. Gruber's passenger, Donte Edward Taylor suffered serious injuries and was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center where he remains in serious condition. The State Highway Administration reports that this is the second fatal crash on that stretch of road in less than two years. While traffic can be heavy through that area it depends on the time of day. Lt. John McAndrew, an officer with the county olice department's traffic division said Ordance Road isn't a particularly dangerous road.

In the event that you are a passenger in a vehicle that is at fault for a collision, it is important to understand what rights may exist. Passengers in vehicles that are involved in car accidents can generally obtain a recovery from one of the vehicles involved. At times, this places the passenger in the uncomfortable situation of suing his own friend or relative, who was driving, for personal injuries. In most personal injury cases, this means going against that persons insurance carrier, not them personally. The distinction means that the passenger's bodily injury claim does not usually affect their friends or family members assets. It is important to understand that because the passenger may have a claim against the driver of the car he was in, he needs to be represented in all instances by a different attorney. At this time the police are still investigating the above motor vehicle accident. Once their investigation is complete, the State Highway Administration will conduct their own investigation into the crash. In the meantime, the passenger should obtain his own attorney, one different from the drivers.

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