Tuesday, December 14, 2010

6-year Old Student Dies After Jumping from Bus in Baltimore County, MD

Who should be responsible for the death of a 6-year old who jumps from a moving bus?  On Thursday, December 13, 2010, at approximately 3:00 p.m. a 6-year old special needs student was being transported from  the Villa Marie School in Timonium to his home in Baltimore City when a fight ensued between the 6-year old and another student. 

According to authorities, an aide attempted to break up the fight between the two students, when the 6-year old ran toward the back of the bus and jumped out.  The child was transported to Johns Hopkins in grave condition and succumbed to his injuries early Friday morning.

The 6-year old attended a non-public school in Baltimore County and was traveling on a bus contracted by City Schools to transport the student.  While authorities continue to investigate this tragic accident, questions remain unanswered for the family of this 6-year old. 

How do you compensate parents for this type of loss?  Special needs means just that and what was in place to prevent this unfortunate accident from happening?  How could a 6-year old just jump off the back of a moving bus?  These parents need answers and where should they look to get these answers?  They should contact a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney who is familiar with the laws in Baltimore County where this accident occurred.     

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