Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bus Accidents, Unlike Car Accidents,Often Occur Without Any Collision

Obviously, the chances for other accidents to occur on board a bus loaded with passengers is greater. Such was the case in a recent accident in Timonium in Baltimore County, Maryland. In this incident, the bus was transporting a special needs child home, from a Baltimore County School, Villa Maria at St. Vincent's School in Timonium, Maryland. After getting in a fight with one boy, the child then tried to leave the bus via the front door. Aides stopped him, there were two adult aides on the bus. However, neither was apparently able to stop this speedy six year old from then running to the back, opening the door and falling out of a moving bus. Negligence may rise here not from a collision, but from the aides inability to apparently supervise and care for the children. Seems to be a real hot issue since they were on notice that the special needs child was upset and tried to get off the moving bus via the front door.

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