Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Negligence on a School Bus

More facts have been revealed concerning the bus accident in Timonium, Maryland, in Baltimore County which we blogged on recently. In the blog, we questioned whether a 6 year old special needs child could have been stopped before he opened the back door of the bus and fell to his death. We raised the question as to whether the aides on the bus were negligent for failure to provide adequate supervision.

Interestingly, the school system fired the two aides who were on the bus transporting the student from his Baltimore County School to his home. Further, the bus drivers license was also disqualified.

All these actions may help in the future but certainly don't do a thing to rectify the apparent negligent care of the adults on the bus. First, they were on notice that the boy was already trying to get out of a moving bus (he had tried to get out the front). Second, he wasn't in a harness that the state mandated educated plan required him to have. The family is seeking answers. A lawsuit in the Baltimore County Circuit Court will ultimately provide them.

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