Friday, January 15, 2010

Poor Road Conditions and Automobile Accidents

Poor weather conditions can result in single or multi-vehicle accidents. The most recent snow storm is a perfect example of how weather can impair a person's ability to drive. Poor weather and, as a result, road conditions contribute to thousands of accidents in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas every year.

Over the past few weeks, automobile accidents in Frederick County, Maryland has been on the rise. On December 31, 2009, a sports utility vehicle slid into a Frederick County Fire and Rescue vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction near Point of Rocks. The fire truck was responding to a single vehicle accident on Route 464. The passengers of the SUV and fire truck had to be taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for medical attention. The icy road conditions were reported as being the cause of this accident. Unfortunately, when road conditions case an accident negligence maybe impossible to prove.

Regardless of the type of vehicle that a person may operate, car accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Traffic accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor bruising and sprains to more serious injuries such as internal bleeding, fractures or even traumatic brain injuries. Head-on collisions and other motor vehicle accidents that occur at a higher rate of speed have the potential of leaving a person with permanent injuries.

If you, a family member, or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to poor road conditions, or you would like more information on car accidents, please contact Portner & Shure.


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