Thursday, January 21, 2010

Negligent Driving Causes Death Of High School Student In Howard County

In November 2009 there was a tragic single vehicle accident that claimed the life of a popular River Hill High School football player in Howard County, Maryland. The driver of the vehicle, a good friend of the passenger, lost control of his pick up truck, and struck three decorative pillars before overturning. Steven Dankos was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver and additional passenger sustained injuries as well. The driver of the vehicle, David Erdman, was charged with driving under the influence, manslaughter by motor vehicle, and homicide by motor vehicle.

Drunk driving is one of the most preventable forms of negligent driving but yet there are thousands of people killed every year because of a drunk driver. Drinking causes reflexes and senses to become impaired, teenagers seem to be less aware of this fact. Statistics through the country show that accident involving drunken drivers occur far more frequently with teenagers then any other age group. To make matters worse, while the families are all left with a terrible loss, and may have no interest in criminal charges, it is not their choice. The Howard County Police will review the incident and will proceed with charges regardless.

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