Friday, January 15, 2010

Motor Vehicle Triple Fatality in Harford County

A Harford County jury indicted a Darlington man for three counts of vehicular manslaughter and DUI/DWI . The indictment of Travis Gray was the result of a fatal car accident that occurred on November 14, 2009, on Route 543 in Harford County, Maryland. It was determined by the Maryland State Police Crash Team that Mr. Gray was operating his vehicle northbound on Route 543 when he crossed over the double lines and hit a 1998 Ford Truck head-on. All occupants of the Ford Truck were killed and were residents of Street, Maryland.

While an indictment was not handed down until December 15, 2009, is due to the extensive investigation of the Maryland State Police Crash Team. They are required to do a thorough investigation and inspection of the vehicles from the brakes to the headlights as well as analyze the road to determine speeds and directions of the vehicles involved. It is important that these steps are done accurately to ensure the conviction of the guilty driver.

Statistically, almost every half hour a car accident occurs as the result of a drunk driver. Often too many times this accident could have been prevented. The key to stopping this is intervention, tougher laws, and harsher sentences. Its too late once the drunk driver gets behind the wheel of his vehicle. What can you do to prevent another death or accident as the result of drunk driving? It can be as simple as taking the person's keys, or finding them an alternate ride. Everyone should be aware that penalties including increased jail time are now used by the Harford County Courts and courts throughout Maryland as a deterrent.

If you, a family member, or someone you know has been injured in a car accident involving drunk drivers or you would like more information on car accidents, please contact Portner & Shure.

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