Thursday, June 1, 2017

Look Out for Speed Cameras in Western Maryland in Construction Zones

Maryland State Highway Administration officials have set up speed cameras in work zones along I-81 between the Maryland and West Virginia borders. Cameras are in effect starting this week and anyone who receives a citation during the first 21 days will only get a warning before official tickets are handed out. Beginning on June 20, drivers cited for speeding will receive a $40 citation. The posted work zone speed limit is 55mph. The cameras allow for drivers to go up to 12mph over the limit before handing out tickets.

Major construction is beginning on the interstate as part of a widening process between the bridges over the Potomac River and MD-63 and I-68 interchange. Drivers should always pay extra attention when driving through construction zones on highways because there may be new traffic patterns or workers on the side of the road. Accidents are a common occurrence in work zones, but they can also be prevented if drivers remain vigilant and proceed through them with caution.

Officials state that these speed cameras will be in effect through 2020, the expected completion date for the construction project.

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