Thursday, May 25, 2017

Construction Zones Cause a Significant Amount of Accidents--Here's Why

Construction zones are often seen throughout the Maryland area. If you have driven on I-95 or I-695 you likely have seen these construction zones. Although construction zones are a sign of good things to come, including safer roadways, wider lanes, and smooth pavement, these work areas also have negative consequences.

With construction zones come new traffic patterns and lane closures. That means that many drivers will be unfamiliar with any lane shifts or changes in speed limits. When you combine new traffic patterns, lane closures, and reduced speed limits, accidents often result. Some drivers will slam on their brakes as they approach a work zone, for fear of speed camera ticket, but this sudden stop often causes a chain reaction of sudden stops, and "BANG," someone is rear-ended. Other drivers approach work zones a bit differently, and instead, drive aggressively, weaving in and out of solid lane markings. This too causes many auto accidents. Finally, construction zones add to the already heavily congested rush hour traffic, and the stop-and-go nature of this traffic, combined with new traffic patterns, often results in rear-end accidents.

Drivers should always remember to approach work zones with caution, but also, drivers should not panic and make drastic moves. Construction zones can be a nightmare for a drivers, and that nightmare can be made worse with an accident.

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