Friday, May 19, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Car Accidents on the Eastern Shore--Why a Local Law Firm is Important

As we approach the Memorial Day holiday weekend, drivers that are headed to the beaches on the Eastern Shore of Maryland should remember to pay extra attention on the roads as traffic congestion is sure to be a problem. Distractions in the car, such as cell phones, should never be used, especially when driving in heavy holiday weekend traffic.

Those traveling to the Eastern Shore for the holiday weekend are more likely to be driving than taking any other mode of transportation. For that reason, traffic congestion will be a problem, as it is every year. As many of us know, the drive to the beaches includes long stretches of single lane roads in rural areas. Some of the worst accidents have occurred on these roads, especially head-on collisions. When an accident occurs and the occupants are injured, you may not know what to do because you may feel like you are in the middle nowhere. You should always call the police after an accident, especially when there are injuries. The next step will involve emergency medical treatment, as well as contacting a law firm.

There are numerous law firms to choose from for an accident case in Maryland, but there are many advantages to choosing a local firm that is in the area on the Eastern Shore where the accident happened. The local knowledge of the lawyers, including information about judges, opposing counsel, and the roads can give you a big advantage when it comes to negotiating a settlement or trying your case in court. A firm that says that they can represent someone on the Eastern Shore, but yet does not have an office or any connections to that area is doing a disservice to their client. In order to maximize compensation, your attorney will need every advantage they can get.

If you suffer injuries in an Eastern Shore accident this Memorial Day Weekend, call the local Eastern Shore attorneys at Portner & Shure today for a free consultation: (301) 854-9000, (410) 995-1515.

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