Friday, June 16, 2017

Beware of Motorcyclists on the Road in Maryland

Motorcycle safety is often a forgotten focus of other drivers on the road. Now that we are fully in summer, more and more motorcyclists will be hitting the road. As drivers, we often see messages posted on the electronic highway boards reminding us to share the road with motorcyclists. Highways are often not a safe place for motorcyclists because most car and truck drivers do not know the laws when operating a vehicle near a motorcycle. The biggest mistake drivers make is not giving motorcyclists enough space. As a result, accidents occur quite frequently, and the injuries are severe. In fact, every year in Maryland, 70 motorcyclists are killed in accidents and another 1,400 suffer serious injuries in crashes.

Drivers across the state should beware and pay extra attention when driving near a motorcycle on the highway. In accidents involving motorcyclists and cars, it is more likely that the car driver is at fault than the motorcyclist. Vehicle operators often violate the motorcycle’s right of way and often fail to pay proper attention.

The injuries that result from an accident involving a motorcycle are often very serious. Riders lack the same protection that car drivers have when involved in an accident. Motorcyclists are limited to just their head protection when involved in a collision. Riders are sometimes ejected over their handlebars and flung forward or they are trapped under their bike as it skids across the highway.

Motorcyclists are no different from car or truck drivers, and they should not be treated any differently. When a motorcyclist is injured in an accident, an experienced local motorcycle accident attorney can often prove that the accident was caused by the larger vehicle failing to pay proper attention. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident on Maryland’s highways, call the attorneys at Portner & Shure today for a free consultation. 

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