Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow and Ice Conditions Causing Countless Problems

The recent snow storms have caused problems for the State of Maryland. Many counties were not prepared for such a large amount of snow to fall in such a short period of time. Road crews have been working around the clock in order to clear the snow covered highways and roads. However, despite these efforts the lower temperatures have also caused freezing conditions especially on bridges, highway ramps and back roads. Drivers have been cautioned about the presence of the ongoing efforts of the State Highway Administration to clear our roads.

On February 11, 2010, a State Highway Administration worker was struck while clearing Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore County when he was struck in the rear by a tractor trailer. The Maryland State Police cited the driver of the tractor trailer with failure to control speed to avoid a collision. The SHA worker was flown to the University of Maryland Trauma Center. It is very important to follow the recommendation of the local government especially when they have asked for drivers to remain off the roads. Doing so only helps speed up the process of snow removal and will help prevent needless accidents.

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