Friday, February 19, 2010

1 dead, 2 injured in Montgomery County Car Accident

Police are still investigating a crash that occurred Thursday, February 11, 2010, leaving one person dead and sending two others to local hospitals. The accident happened around 8:00 p.m. at West Montgomery Avenue and Hurley Avenue in Rockville. The two car collision resulted in three individuals being trapped and another being pronounced dead at the scene. The roads surrounding the crash were closed for several hours for police to determine the cause of the accident.

In accidents of this magnitude the Police Department will impound both vehicles in order to do an accident reconstruction. When two cars are at an intersection, both vehicles need to be examined for damage and contact match points established. The analysis will reveal precisely how the vehicles made contact and help establish the angle that existed between the two cars at the time of the collision. This angle and the separation angles can be used to determine the speed of each car at impact. Often in accidents such as this, an attorney can assist you with the investigation and employ traffic crash investigation experts trained in accident reconstruction to determine fault.

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