Thursday, April 6, 2017

Distracted Driving Causing Numerous Accidents; Frederick Police Step up Patrols

New data on distracted driving in Maryland has been released for 2015, the most recent year for information being released. The numbers reveal significant numbers for distracted drivers causing accidents where others are injured or killed. Maryland has had a goal of Zero Deaths on its roadways, and officials continue to take steps towards achieving that goal in the future.

The new data on distracted driving reveals that it continues to be a major problem and far too many drivers are using their cell phones and other devices while operating a vehicle.

Frederick County police officials announced that in addition to statewide patrols of distracted driving, Frederick police will also increase patrols. In 2015, in Frederick, 923 people were injured and 7 killed in crashes caused by distracted drivers. There are various forms of distractions in a car that cause an accident. At the top of the list are cell phones. Drivers are talking and texting on their phones while operating vehicles far too often. Police officers say that it is very easy to spot drivers that are using their mobile device while behind the wheel, and all month long, officers will be out in large numbers looking for distracted drivers. Last year, for the entire month of April, over 1,100 distracted driving citations were handed out.

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