Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents are Rising Dangerously

A new study has been released, which shows that the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has risen dramatically over the last two years. The numbers released in the study are very surprising considering all the advances made in vehicle safety. Since 2014, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has risen 22%. In 2015, pedestrian fatalities numbered 5,376 and in 2016, it was projected that there were 5,997 pedestrian fatalities occurred.

What's behind this recent spike in pedestrian-involved fatal accidents? Distracted drivers are a major cause of the dramatic increase in fatal pedestrian accidents. Cars may have become safer with more and more features installed to prevent accidents, but they cannot provide much help if the driver is not even paying attention to the road ahead. Distracted driving is a major cause of countless accidents on the road. Drivers using their cell phone to text, talk to someone, get directions, or even take pictures are all resulting in accidents, especially pedestrians. These accidents are not just occurring in big cities, but also happening more in rural areas. Pedestrians cannot just assume that because they have the walking signal that a driver will automatically give them the right of way because that driver may not even be paying attention.

Next time you cross the street, look both ways and beware of distracted drivers. You may see them, but drivers may not see you because their head is buried looking down at their cell phone. Stay safe as you cross the street, and always remember to cross with the signal and stay inside the crosswalk.

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