Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Vacation Tip

It's the end of the summer so many families throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, are headed out for one last hurrah. With families with young drivers, like mine, let me point out one thing. While your college age youngster may have been driving for years, unless he or she is 25 or over, they cannot rent a car from most rental agencies. Further, even if you are older than 25, may companies require that you have a driver's license for at least one year or two. One exception for folks under 25 is when they are part of a corporate or organization's discount program.

Exceptions to the general rule can be found in New York or Michigan, where state laws require agencies to rent to drivers ages 18 and up. Of course, you will pay dearly for the privilege. In other states, if there is an exception it will come at a hefty extra charge. Some rental car carriers also make an exception at age 21, they include Dollar, Enterprise and National, but exclude convertibles, SUV's. and expensive models.

Another exception to the general rule are US Government employees or military personnel. If they are on official business and traveling with orders often times surcharges are waived.

USAA has a partnership with Avis that allows members 21 and over to rent a car without paying a surcharge.

Before renting a car compare the exclusions and rates on the following rental car companies:

Alabama Car Rental               Illinois Car Rental                     Montana Car Rental                 Rhode Island Car Rental

Alaska Car Rental                  Indiana Car Rental                    Nebraska Car Rental                South Carolina Car Rental

Arizona Car Rental                 Iowa Car Rental                        Nevada Car Rental                   South Dakota Car Rental

Arkansas Car Rental              Kansas Car Rental                    New Hampshire Car Rental      Tennessee Car Rental

California Car Rental               Kentucky Car Rental                 New Jersey Car Rental            Texas Car Rental

Colorado Car Rental                Louisiana Car Rental                 New Mexico Car Rental           Utah Car Rental

Connecticut Car Rental           Maine Car Rental                      New York Car Rental               Vermont Car Rental

Delaware Car Rental               Maryland Car Rental                 North Carolina Car Rental         Virginia Car Rental

Washington DC Car Rental      Massachusetts Car Rental        North Dakota Car Rental          Washington Car Rental

Florida Car Rental                   Michigan Car Rental                 Ohio Car Rental                      West Virginia Car Rental

Georgia Car Rental                 Minnesota Car Rental                Oklahoma Car Rental              Wisconsin Car Rental

Hawaii Car Rental                   Mississippi Car Rental              Oregon Car Rental                   Wyoming Car Rental

Idaho Car Rental                     Missouri Car Rental                  Pennsylvania Car Rental


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