Saturday, May 22, 2010

Motorcycle Accident Leads to Serious Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are common and often result in serious injuries. Motorcycle drivers need be extremely cautious when operating their bikes since the potential of serious or fatal personal injuries are much more likely if an automobile accident does occur. Although most motorcycle accidents are commonly the result of negligent driving, human error is also a likely contributing factor.

Earlier this month, a Hagerstown motorcyclist was seriously injured as the result of a collision between his bike and a Volkswagen Jetta while on US Route 40 in Frederick County, Maryland. The motorcyclist said that the driver of the Jetta pulled out in front of him. When the Jetta pulled out, the motorcyclist struck the driver side door causing his bike to overturn. The operator of the motorcycle was transported to R Adams Crowley Trauma Center in Baltimore after suffering head and leg injuries.

The accident is still under investigation. An accident re-constructionist can be called to the scene to help determine the cause of the accident. If skid measurements were taken by an expert, the speed at impact could have been determined. Proper measurements, done timely, with eye witness testimony, could help investigators to determine if the driver of Jetta failed to yield to the right of way.

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