Thursday, May 27, 2010

Horrible Car Accident Leaves Driver in Terrible Condition While Others Sustained Minor Injuries

Injuries ranging from soft tissue injuries such as whiplash to the more serious injuries which involve broken bones, traumatic brain injuries or even fatalities can often result from a car accident. It is not uncommon for a person who leaves the scene of the accident to not experience pain or discomfort until a day or two following the accident.

An example of how different injuries can result from the same car accident is demonstrated by a May 22, 2010, automobile accident that occurred on Route 27 in Frederick County, Maryland. The driver of a Toyota Corolla was traveling on Gillis Falls Road while the driver of a Lexus LS 430 was traveling northbound on Route 27. The preliminary investigation done by the police shows the driver of the Corolla failed to yield to the right of way while trying to cross Route 27. When the two vehicles collided, the Corolla was forced into trees and the driver became trapped inside. Members of the Mount Airy Fire Department had to extricate the driver and he was transported to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore by a Maryland State Police helicopter. The driver of the Lexus and her passenger were taken to Carroll Hospital where they were treated and released with only minor injuries.

This accident is still under investigation by police and they are seeking witnesses who may have seen this collision.

It is imperative that all the rules of the road are followed in order to prevent serious automobile collisions such as this. Traffic control devices are in place to help maintain the flow of traffic in an orderly fashion. Stop signs, yield signs and traffic signals should always be given proper attention. Failure to do so can result in very serious injuries as demonstrated in this scenario.

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