Monday, January 22, 2018

Tailgating 18-Wheelers—A Cause for Concern for Drivers

                        A new phenomenon on the highway—Tractor trailers, tailgating other tractor trailers. Experts say this “platooning” phenomenon for 18-wheelers saves trucking companies millions, but at what cost to other drivers on the road? 18-wheelers already account for a large percentage of fatal accidents due to their size, blind spots, and inability to stop quickly. 
             What happens when 18-wheelers tailgate one another back to back—we believe other drivers on the road won’t have space to maneuver on the highway, and cars will be trapped and will miss their exit. Platooning 18-wheelers may increase the risks for serious accidents on highways. Rear-end accidents happen every single day and the most common cause of those accidents is tailgating.18-wheelers that intentionally tailgate one another can only be a cause for concern. If you've been involved in an accident caused by a tractor trailer truck, you need a top rated attorney on your side. 

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