Monday, December 28, 2015

Maryland Bus Accident Lawyer: Megabus Crashes into Car and Kills One Person

          Yesterday morning, two people were in a car that was driving on I-695 and merging onto I-295 north. At that time, they lost control of their car and slid into other lanes of oncoming traffic.  A Megabus that was carrying 18 passengers on its way to New York City crashed into the vehicle.  The driver of the car was taken to shock trauma with serious injuries and the passenger became trapped in the vehicle.  Tragically, she later died at the scene due to her extensive injuries.

            Preliminary investigations do not appear to show any negligence on the part of the Megabus driver, but this accident does show the horrific consequences of accidents involving buses.  Just like large trucks and tractor trailers, buses are very large and powerful and cannot stop suddenly to avoid an accident.  In addition, a majority of buses do not have seatbelts for passengers to wear, therefore, in the event of a rollover accident, passengers have no way to protect or secure themselves.

Police are still investigating this accident to determine how and why the vehicle lost control and skidded all the way into the fast lane.  Fortunately, none of the 18 passengers onboard the bus were injured in this accident.

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