Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Portner & Shure has been doing personal injury work in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia for approximately twenty years. Each year we recover approximately nine million dollars on behalf of Chinese speaking accident victims as well as accident victims who speak Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. Recently, we have had countless Chinese speaking accident victims fire their current Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. personal injury attorneys. I looked at these cases to figure out why, and hopefully give some guidance to Chinese speaking people seeking the best injury lawyer in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. My conclusion, as you will see below, is to use a simple five year rule.

I noticed that some Chinese speaking accident victims chose a firm that is new and/or does a lot of immigration work. Insurance companies are businesses, they are aware of law firms that have no track record. These firms have to prove themselves. Its best they are not trying to prove themselves with your Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia accident case. A rule of thumb is to look at the firm, and make sure the firm has been in business at least five years. Second, look at the firms website. If the firm does not have excellent results posted for at least a five year period, say no thank you. In addition, if the firm also does immigration it's a sign that they don't focus on personal injury work for Chinese speaking accident victims in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. You don't want a law firm that really can't focus on this area of law.

Next, make sure the law firm and the person handling your Chinese accident case has at least a five year track record of trying cases in court. Insurance companies are not afraid of law firms that don't go to court in Chinese accident cases in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Look at the injury firms trial record over the last five years. If they don't post results you know what the insurance companies think about that firm.

Finally, make sure the person handling and overseeing your Chinese Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia is an attorney, not just a paralegal and has been in personal practice at least five years. All Chinese accident cases need to be overseen by an injury lawyer with at least five years experience. In conclusion, follow the five year rule regardless of what the law firm you are speaking with to tries to explain. You are not hiring an injury firm because they are your friends, you hire them for results. 

Follow the five year rule and you will not be one of those Chinese speaking clients who is now using Portner & Shure because they had a bad experience with another Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia personal injury law firm.









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