Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maryland Legal Blog Listing

Legal Blogs are used by the attorneys at Portner & Shure to update clients and prospective clients on the changes in the law, as well as to give insight into what transpires in the courthouses throughout the State of Maryland. Other firms seem to use blogs simply as a means to get their name on the internet, and provide no useful content. One such firm has several blogs that focus on the same subject but have slight variations in their titles. Their blogs kind of remind me of chicken. There are hundreds of different ways to prepare it but it is still chicken.

Our firm's blogs focus on specific practice areas and languages. Below is a list of our blogs:

Maryland Car Accident Blog

Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Maryland Work Injury Lawyer

Spanish Speaking Lawyer in Maryland

Chinese Accident Lawyer in Maryland

Korean Accident Lawyer in Maryland

Here are some others:

Maryland Accident Attorney Blog (Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White)

Maryland Accident Lawyers Blog (Saiontz & Kirk)

Maryland Car Accident Attorney Blog (Lebowitz & Mzhen)

Maryland Lawyer Blog (Miller and Zois)

Maryland Accident Lawyer Blog (Miller and Zois)

Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer Blog (Miller and Zois)

Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog (Miller and Zois)

Baltimore Injury Lawyer Blog (Miller and Zois)

Maryland Injury and Disability Law (Greenberg & Bederman)

Medical Malpractice & Patient Safety Blog (Patrick A. Malone)

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney (Steven H. Heisler)

Trucking Accident Lawyer Blog (Lebowitz & Mzhen)

Washington DC Injury Attorney Blog (Kenneth J. Annis & Associates)

Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog (Bruce M. Robinson)

Maryland Criminal Attorney Blog (Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White)

Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer (Dever & Feldstein)

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog ( Andrew G. Slutkin)

Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney Blog (Law offices of Todd K. Mohink)

Maryland Criminal Lawyer Blog (Law Offices of Richard P. Arnold)

Maryland Lawyer Blog

Maryland Personal Injury lawyer Blog

Baltimore Criminal Law Attorneys Blog (Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates)

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer (Price Benowitz)

Maryland Law Blog (Alpert Schreyer)

Maryland Injury Lawyers Blog (Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester, LLC)

Maryland Injury Attorney Blog (Jeff Butschky)

Maryland Injury Attorneys Blog (Brassel Law Group)

Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer Blog (Lebowitz & Mzhen)

Maryland Accident Law Blog (Lebowitz & Mzhen)

Maryland Malpractice Lawyer (Alan J. Belsky)

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Maryland Law Blogger (Raymond McKenzie)

Maryland DUI Defense Lawyer Blog (James Guillory)

Maryland DUI Lawyer (Price Benowitz LLP)

Maryland DUI Attorney Blog (Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White)

Maryland Criminal, Traffic and Injury Blog (David R. Waranch)

Maryland Personal Injury Blog (John R. Foran)

Maryland Injury Blog (Foran & Foran)

Maryland Law (J. Cannan)

Maryland Malpractice Lawyer Blog (Dever & Feldstein)

Maryland Lawyer Blog (Carey & Associates)

Maryland Injury Lawyers (Maryland Injury Lawyers)

Maryland Lawyer Online (Alan J. Belsky)


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